Report Plus is an plug-in module for Contact Plus Personal contact management software. With Report Plus you can create custom reports using your contact databases.

Virtually any information stored in your Contact Plus database can be printed on a report in exactly the way you want using Report Plus. Does the home office want your activity report in just a certain way? With Report Plus just select which information to include (biographical information, user fields, notes taken, events) and you're on your way. No complicated setups. Create it once and use it indefinitely. Nothing could be simpler!

Report Plus is ideal for the:

  • Sales professional for daily/weekly activity reports
  • Executive assistant for customer lists
  • International user for country-specific reports
  • Insurance professional for policy expiration reports
  • Customer account representative for historical reports for tracking trends

With Report Plus you can create reports sorted in order by contact name or a user field, or a calendar ordered report in order by date. Report Plus lets you customize the appearance of the report with exactly the information that you want printed and select column sizes. In addition you can choose whether the report orientation is landscape or portrait. Plus you can create your report to include a count on the item selected. In addition numeric fields and money fields can also print total, average, minimum and maximum values. (Imagine how great it would be to print average sales for the week!)

With Report Plus you can also modify the standard reports included with Contact Plus. Modified reports can be saved to a new file or you can choose to overwrite the existing report.

The demo of Report Plus allows you to see the steps related to designing a report, but will not allow you to save the designed report.
  • Download Report Plus demo for Contact Plus Personal

Note that the Contact Plus Professional has a new Report Building add-on product which is built-in to Contact Plus Professional.