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Task Management Software for multiple users on your LAN network


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Have you ever wanted to keep track of a project from beginning to end? Task Plus Professional allows one or more users on a local area network to share the same calendar. Group and private tasks are very easy to coordinate within an office. It's easy to place tasks on other's calendars with warning alarms.

The Task Plus Professional is a multi user network task management program. The main screen is large and easy to read. A four calendar color-coded displays 4 months of items in color coded format. You can easily drag and drop events from the grid of days on the right to any of the calendars on the left.

  • Repeating events are linked to each other
  • Each user can have his own set of holidays
  • Powerful filtering options on users, categories, priority, dates, etc.
  • Tasks can be private to an individual or group
  • Undelete tasks and to-dos
  • Each task can include warning alarms minutes hours or even days ahead of time
  • Customize the daily grid columns
  • Attach documents or spreadsheets to tasks or to-do's
  • View 12 month color coded view of filtered tasks
  • Hourly task grid of filtered tasks
  • Multiple holidays per day
  • Send mail to other users of Task Plus Professional
  • Broadcast messaging to others logged into Task Plus Professional
  • Very small memory footprint for the alarm monitor
  • Transfer information back and forth
  • Convert your single user data easily to Task Plus Professional
  • New: Import calendar events from Outlook
The Task Plus Professional Program is a download only program and does not have a printed user manual.

System Requirements:

  • Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 6 MB Available hard drive space

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