Archive/Recover is a plug-in module for Contact Plus Professional contact management software. With Archive/Recover you can archive old contact databases and events to free up disk space and make Contact Plus Professional run faster. As you operate CPPRO new events and contacts are added on a daily basis. Additionally when you run a mail/merge and store a history of the merge you may be adding hundreds of new events to the event.db table. Over the years, this can cause your database to become sluggish. Why store old events in your database if you don't need to access them all of the time? Instead use Archive/Recover which enables you to conveniently archive your old databases and events and quickly recover them if needed.

There are two options available: (1) Database archive - an entire database including all contacts, notes, events can be archived and cleared out of your main database system and (2) Event archive - events based on a range of dates and types may be archived in order to clear out the event.db table.

Archive/Recover is ideal for long-time users of CPPRO who wish to periodically clean out their database with the option of recovering the data at a future time.

  • View the short 6-minute video tutorial available which will explain the functions.
  • Purchase Recover/Archive for Contact Plus Professional - price good for both single/multi user versions

Note that this plugin is for Contact Plus Professional only!

Technical Info on Event Archival: Only the event records are archived. Letters or documents attached to an event are not archived. Events are about 424 bytes in length (at a minimum) and there are 4 different maintained indexes. If an event contains a long description then the length of the event will be longer than 424 bytes. The excess description over and above the 424 bytes is stored in the event.mb file. As the number of events increase you may notice a slowdown in adding, editing and looking up events. The archival process simply moves the events from the main event.db table to an arevent.db table which is not used by CPPRO during normal operation. The event.db table will NOT decrease in size without also performing the PACK operation.

Note to Smart Merge users: This utility is not compatible with Smart Merge. However, even if you're a Smart Merge user you can still make use of the Archive/Restore functions but you'll have to make sure that Smart Merge has been performed before archiving or restoring. Until the new backup had been sent to users in the field they cannot make any changes to their contact/event information.

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