Map Plus is a plug-in module for Contact Plus Personal or Contact Plus Professional contact management software. With Map Plus you can view a map of the continental United States with different colored dots representing the locations of your contacts. It's handy for seeing at a glance where your customers are, or seeing where you need to have more.

A zoom map lets you see the locations in a more detailed view. Map Plus can provide maps based on city, state, zip code or a country analysis. Perfect for viewing contact data graphically, Map Plus plots contacts based upon the 5 digit United States zip code. Filters can be utilized, so you can narrow the map view to match whatever criteria you specify. Map Plus output can be modified for percentile ranges and color selections, thus creating different presentations of contact data. When printed with a color printer, maps can be used for display purposes in sales presentations.

(These images are reduced in size. Click on either map to see them in 100% size.)

Map Plus can be purchased and downloaded immediately from the Online Mall.

  • Download Map Plus demo for Contact Plus Personal w
  • Download Map Plus demo for Contact Plus Professional

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