Free File Monitoring Software

Rated4 Starsby ZDNet! For Windows 9.x/ME/2000/NT. This FREE useful utility can help you to stay abreast of changes (file additions, deletions and changes) that occur in folders on your computer, letting you specify up to 20 directories to monitor, including your network drives. Great for System Administrators!  Your files are monitored in real time.

This File Monitoring software is totally free.  There are not time restrictions, function restrictions or nags.

As any changes occur to the contents of these folders, a popup screen will notify you of the change. The popup screen can also play an audible alarm, such as a WAV file. Email notification is also available to keep you informed of changes on network drives. You can select the time interval, in seconds, for MoniDIR 2000 to use to check the directories. The monitoring program resides in your system tray and becomes active only when the timer starts the program. When active, the file monitoring program will display the files that have been added, deleted, or changed.

  • Download MoniDIR 2000 EXE file, 556 k
  • View MoniDIR's configuration screen
  • View MoniDIR's alert







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