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Updated version - 3.4

Rated4 Starsby ZDNet! For Windows 9.x/ME/2000/NT and XP. This fun and useful utility allows you to specify up to 100 events in the past or into future and calculates the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds from the event or to the event. The screen is refreshed each second so you can get an interesting look at elapsed time.

Features include copying the calculations to the clipboard (which you can paste into any email or word processing program), a "stay on top" feature to keep it at the front of your desktop, and a "cycle through" feature to rotate between the events. Perfect for telling :

  • Birthday countdown
  • Vacation countdown
  • Christmas countdown
  • Retirement countdown
  • Wedding countdown
  • Military leave countdown
  • Days until your wedding
  • End of basic training
  • Days you've been married
  • Number of seconds you've been alive.

    If you need a quick countdown clock say for timing the pizza or roast in the oven then you need to try out the Countdown Timer product from Contact Plus Software.

    Updated in 3.4 - Set an alarm when an event gets to 0 seconds. You can now sort the events by name and date. Send the events to HTML or CSV output.. Updated in 3.3 - 100 events are now supported and correctly restores split screen when opened. The product is no longer totally free. 

    Updated in 3.2 - 50 events are now supported rather than 25 Updated in 3.1: Change the font size, color and style. Can now start up on reboot and you can change the background bitmap. Also this version is not sensitive to DD-MMM-YYYY format dates. Can minimize to the system tray.

    Note: older versions of this software were totally free.  Countdown has gotten very popular and as such we're unable to support it for free due to bandwidth limitations and costs.  Therefore starting at version 3.3 we are offering a pay version.  If you have already installed the older version and wish to continue using it without paying then please do not install the latest 3.3 version.

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