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Last week, after more than twenty-five years of using various database software (including lately ACT and Goldmine) I purchased, after trying the demo version, a single user copy of Contact Plus Professional for personal use at university. The result, I am horrified! What a way to market this product: easy to use; time saving; excellent; how can you deceive your prospective customers in this way with the use of such mediocre, under-stated descriptions? Contact Plus Pro is a software application that is in a word - SUPERB, and nothing less should be used to describe it! 
Kindest regards,
University of Stirling

I live in India and run a garment manufacturing business. Since July of 1992 when I was running a company in London, I have been looking for a product that would allow me to manage myself and my business, and help me track every information and interaction with a contact from one place. I started off with SuperOffice, and then moved on to Tracker (Australian production). In late 1990s or early 2000s, I also looked at Goldmine and Maximizer. None of them was good enough. They lacked one or more of the critical functionalities.

Last week, I downloaded the hefty trial version of ACT! and spent a good few hours trying to make sense of it. It didn't work. For someone who is computer savvy and has in the past jotted down 200+ features he would want, it was surprising not to be able to figure out where to start with the Gorilla.

On Monday just gone by, I sat down on the computer with the resolve to scan the world and discover exactly what I wanted. After a few hours, I came across UCAP and saw its reviews on a couple of websites, and their own. It looked like manna from heaven. I was quick to download it and installed it in a jiff.... err..... 15 minutes. Then..... the experience was worse than it was with ACT!

Finally, yesterday morning, I played each one of your intro videos, and with my fingers crossed, downloaded the demo version. It installed fine, and from the word go, I knew where to begin.

In the past 20 hours, I have explored absolutely each of the screens, and cannot help myself experiencing one orgasmic delight after the other. AFTER ALL, this is THE software I have been looking for for 13 years, and which I had at one stage thought of developing myself.


Thanks. Rakesh

We tried several different contact management programs, but Contact Plus was the best and easiest to use. We now have over 1300 clients in our various databases, and we send out 3 mailings a month, as well as 2 to 3 emailings. It's so easy! - Greg Adams
We have been using Contact Plus since the early 1990's. We currently use the Professional version networked in our business which allows us to maintain unlimited customer information and followup! We have found this product to be very flexable and extremely easy to use with its numerous features! We would recommend this product to any business!! Duane E. Pike
We love the Contact Plus software products! We have used them for over 10 years! When we think it couldn't get any better, Contact upgrades the program with even better features! Bonnie -
I have been using Contact Plus, both the Personal and Professional for about 15 years. I would not be able to run my business profitably and/or efficiently with out the product. Keep up the good work and I look forward to new and improved products. Ron Cirotto P.Eng
I have been using Contact Plus Pro for over 5 years now and could not even consider another product. I am in the IT industry providing professional business analysis as to how comapanies can improve their efficiency. Contacts Plus is my weapon of choice. I have it integrated to my finacial system (arrow), to Outlook, my PDA (IPaq) and Crystal reporting. Never do I need to type information more than once. Every now and then I will retest the competition and every timne I come back to Contacts Plus. Probably the best CRM package on the market for small and medium business. Larry Blode,
I have been using Contact Plus for at least 15 years and find it to be the best software I have ever found for keeping full records of sales contacts and results. The tie-in to word processing and email is outstanding. Art -
As a college professor of Travel and Tourism, I have long recommended that students use Contact Plus Professional. This outstanding program allows for establishment of client preferences and payments. It also permits sementation of supplier relations. The notes component permits reporting of sales solicitations and results with ease. It works for every type of business and relationship. We have found Contact Plus Professional to be versatile, efficient and user friendly. Scott Feinerman Professor of Tourism & Travel Director International Student Services
I have used Contact Plus since 1990 and have never had a problem in any area of operation. It has served us well as it can be customized to the needs of any business. I have recommended the software to many other business owners and all of them are very happy with the user friendly features of the program. Terry E Agee The Agee Group Inc
Originally, my husband & I had a service business and we purchased Contact Plus Personal back in the early 1990's. Over the years I went back to the insurance industry and found my Contact Plus to be very valuable. I upgraded to Contact Plus Professional and purchased Smart Merge as I had a desktop and laptop computer. To this date (2004) I am still actively using the products and have been very pleased with the realibility of the application, the support and the upgrades. I have recommended Contact Plus to many people in many different industies. I think it a wonderful product. Keep up the good work! Sharon Emmons Entertainment Pro Insurance
I first used a DOS version of Contact Plus by E Trujillo Software in the 1980's. When I started my own Golf Publishing business in 1994 I subscribed to Contact Plus and have since migrated to the Pro version. The ease of use and flexibility to tailor to meet my small business requirements has kept me loyal to Contact Plus in preference to several local competitive products. Selwyn Berg - Melbourne, Australia
Kept track w/Excell; data base got cluttered. Tried to learn & use Outlook many times. Unable to use at any comfort level. Tried 'Contact' once, loved it. Upgraded to professional, using it for several years. Paul - Ontario, Canada
I've used Contact Plus contact management software for about 10 years. I started using it as a $5 shareware program I bought on a 5 1/4 floppy disc in a bookstore not knowing what an outstanding product it was. I'm a licensed psychologist and have used it to build my practice through direct-mail advertising and networking. I now teach colleagues in a course I've developed on marketing. My pride and joy is a database of 20,000 mental health professionals that I advertise to on a regular basis through direct mail. I could never have accomplished this without Contact Plus. My personal-contact database has grown over time to about 2,000 records. Contact Plus has been very easy to use and flexible to draw out subsets of the records for segmented marketing. Over the years I have advertised to fellow therapists, physicians, churches, attorneys, private schools. My colleagues and students are impressed with how I've built and maintained a database at the same time as running a full-time practice and having a family with two children. James J. De Santis, Ph.D. Glendale, California







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