Free up precious ram memory and speed up your machine

Make Your Windows Computer Faster and More Reliable In Just Minutes

  • Increases Computer Speed By Up To 150%
  • Prevents Common Windows and Application Crashes
  • Optimizes Virtual Memory Making Your Hard Disk Run Better
  • Recover memory leaks and restore lost system performance
  • Control Which Programs Start When You Start Windows
  • Make Windows Start Faster
  • *Bonus* Popup Killer Program Included Free

Are you like most PC users, who find that their computer is slow or unstable? You may find that you can't run many applications otherwise your computer will slow down. Alternatively, you may have a new computer, but it experiences random crashes and application freezes.

The main cause of most computer problems is: Low Memory and Windows resources. Memory is the most crucial element in computer speed and stability. This page contains software secrets to make your computer faster and stable by optimizing your computer's memory.

People ask us why Microsoft hasn't included this in their operating system, or why their computer technicians don't tell them of these secrets. The reason is they will find it hard to persuade you to upgrade your system to the next Windows version or to upgrade your hardware.

How do I work with Release RAM and what does it do with my PC?

If you are a Novice user, just install Release RAM, then activate the automated functions and it will automatically flush memory of useless speed impairing data and eliminate memory leaks. Just install it and Release RAM will work quietly in the background, you can also click the Freeup RAM Now button for a system refresh at any given time.

If you are an Advanced user and feel confident with PC and Windows stuff, you can explore facilities of Acceleration Startup Manager to detect and stop unwanted programs from starting when Windows starts up that cause memory and resources leaks.

You will be surprised to see a faster response of your computer. The speed of your work will be increased significantly. You will feel the difference especially if it was not yesterday that you bought your computer. So why not give it a try?

Install Release RAM, let it work for a while and you will see how it makes wonders with your computer!

Let Release RAM help your computer usage to be faster and more enjoyable

If you run Windows 95/98/ME, download by clicking here

If you run Windows XP/2000, download by clicking here

To order Release RAM click here.

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