Web Form Processing

Do you have a website with web forms that are filled out by your prospects?  Do you need to automatically have the information on the web forms come into your Contact Plus database automatically?  If you're receiving formatted e-mail from web sites or from your own website but having problems doing the data entry to get the customer information into your customer database, then you need Email Harvester our Web Form Processing software.

The web form processing software called E-Mail Harvester will help you automatically receive formatted e-mail, enter the contact information into a Contact Plus Professional database, and automatically put the user on an automated marketing schedule for followup. The complete text of the incoming e-mail will be stored as a new incoming e-mail event.

If the e-mail message is from an existing contact, the web form software will not add a new contact record but simply update the existing contact record with the appropriate information.

System Requirements:

  • A registered or demo copy of Contact Plus Professional.
  • A POP3 mail server or a MAPI compliant mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora.
  • Familiarity with the EMMA feature of Contact Plus Pro.





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