My Stuff Deluxe 4.1 for Windows XP, 2000, Vista

Powerful home inventory system great for insurance purposes.

My Stuff Deluxe organizes your personal possessions and can do so for multiple households.  The trial version is limited to 16 uses - plenty of time to allow to evaluate the product.

Note to Licensed Users: installing a newer trial version of My Stuff Deluxe on top of your older, fully licensed version will not cause the evaluation version to convert itself into a fully licensed version. Our licensed and trial versions are unique executables. Installing an evaluation version on your system will overwrite your licensed version. Click here to retrieve the licensed version.

Download and Installation Instructions

To download and install My Stuff Deluxe please follow these instructions.

  1. Click the green download button above to start the download.
  2. When the File Download dialog box appears click the “Save” button.

  3. When the Save As dialog box appears choose a folder location and save the file to a known location on your computer, for example, to your Desktop.
  4. Wait for the file to download.
  5. When the download is complete, click on the RUN button.

  6. Follow the prompts within the installer to complete the installation of My Stuff Deluxe.



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